Must-have Features for Business App

Must-have Features for Business App

From small to large businesses mobile development has become the necessity. Nobody wants mobile-friendly websites anymore, everyone wants an app for business. World has countless number of apps now and your app for business should be unique and quality to be noticed. So, when you build an app for business you don’t want to struggle in the sea of competition and you want to be the best.

Here I want to tell you about top features of successful app for business, which adds value to your business.

Offline work

App for business should have such feature as offline work. Why is this feature so significant? Don’t focus just on online experience when you build an app, because sometimes users don’t have access to the internet and app for business will be useless without internet connection. Build an app with accessible features and content offline. Offline work is feature, which provides higher user experience.

Social integration

Social media today is the major way of communication in modern world. Users share everything they like and your app for business can be one of these shares. Give users a chance to share your app for business, this is the possibility to reach larger audience. Nowadays users expect less action, which means you should make signing up and sharing easier. When you build an app, implement social media login feature and share feature, as a result you’ll attract more users.

User-friendly interface

People really like apps, because they are user-friendly. Remember, that mobile apps differ from websites. Don’t try to replace a website with an app for business. Your app for business should differ from website and provide brand new experience and content. Build an app with user-friendly interface. Custom buttons location, familiar menu icons all these details build user-friendly interface. Remember, that!

) users delete apps with confusing interface. Keep your app simple. This is the essential feature, which helps popular apps gain traction.

Feedback and contact

One more prominent part in mobile development is implementing feedback and contact feature. When you build an app, you have just your vision, as app owner, but feedback is very important to get to know what your users think about your app. If you give people opportunity to say what they think, then you will get free opinion and know how you should improve your app for business. This point brings us to the next one.

Regular updates

Each app for business needs regular updates and fixes. First of all you’ll get feedback from your users, so some changes are necessity, such as fixes of bugs, which may happen during mobile development. Also, some new app trends appear every day and if you want to keep your app for business up-to-date, you should update it regularly. For instance Instagram updates its app once a month and sometimes more often.


Analytics is as important as users feedback when you build an app. You make updates, made on these two points. Thanks to analytics feature you can track users behavior. This feature shows you the success of your app for business. By collecting analytics data, and analyzing it developers can update app and improve user experience.


When you build an app which has a lot of content and features inside, the best way to make your app for business easy to use for user is to add search feature. Thanks to search feature app navigation is simple and clear for your users. Create simple search system and specific filters when you build an app. This way you make every page and all content easy accessible.

More touch

There is a difference between websites and apps for business. When your users access the website from desktop, you can ask them to type a lot, but app is not the case with apps for business. Build an app for minimal use of the keyboard and make your app for business touch-based. Consider UX and UI and place all buttons where they are easy accessible.
Also, don’t forget that your users will be frustrated when they find something they want to click, but have no way to do that. It may be your number, which is not clickable. This is very frustrating and annoying, when customer must remember you number or copy it to call you. The solution is to add call button when you build an app. Such click for directions buttons is a great solution for mobile development, because such buttons encourage users to make an action: check maps, call etc.

Mobile payment

When you build an app for business, don’t forget the end aim of creating an app. This aim is to boost income. The easiest way to boost income and increase sales is to add mobile payment, when you build an app. Mobile payments allow customers to pay with a simple press on a mobile payment button on their phone. This improves user experience and helps you increase sales.

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