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We build smart and intuitive native apps, based on our unique business-tech approach and our team of experienced developers holding a full set of expertise across the development process. We don’t just build apps – we build mobile solutions designed to maximize usage, results and profits for our clients.


What is Native Development?

Unlike the generic web development process, Native apps are apps that were dedicatedly developed for a specific mobile platform e.g. iOS or Android, in full correspondence with the programming language, design rules, device types, user interface and usage permissions of the selected platform.

The decision on the preferred development type, web or native, significantly affects the development process design and stages and the usage experience, speed and performance of the final app down the road. We, in Globalbit, provide our clients with full support and assistance choosing the appropriate development technique according to the required app features and the expected usage characteristics.

Our multidisciplinary development team encompasses a full array of platform-specific experts, allowing us to offer full scale native, web-native and app-migration development projects to both iOS and Android platforms


The Development Process

The development process is performed in cooperation with the client based on the following service components:
  • Full scale planning, covering all technological, functional and business aspects
  • Advanced programming, smart design and linking to third party platforms
  • Steering meetings, status meetings and round tables with our development team
  • Server/cloud uploading, full testing and run-up
  • Uploading to app stores and assistance with app promotion to the top

Our Achievements

  • More than 100 million users worldwide
  • Dozens of apps ranked #1 in Google Play and Apple App Store


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