How To Use Videos To Enhance and Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

How To Use Videos To Enhance and Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

For years, video marketing experts have predicted that video would become the content format of choice in the digital realm and the future of social media marketing. To say they were right about the power of social video marketing is an understatement.

People are consuming record amounts of digital video. A Google-commissioned study revealed that in March 2020, YouTube reached more adults aged 18 to 49 in the U.S. than all linear TV networks combined – and that’s more than enough reason to invest in social media video marketing right now.

Search engines and social media algorithms favor video content because it’s what users want. Here’s a staggering social media video statistic that really drives the point home: A YouTube survey revealed 50 percent of millennials and Gen Z said they couldn’t live without video in their daily lives.

What’s more, a research reported that by 2022, total global internet video traffic would be 80 percent of all internet traffic. And with the next generation of internet users having a growing preference for video, social media video production is here to stay.

This blog covers why social media video is effective, the value of social media videos for business and how to drive social media video marketing results. We discuss:

a. The power of social media video content
b. How to include video in your social media marketing strategy
c. Eight expert tips on developing the right social video marketing approach
d. Crafting a social media marketing video strategy

a. The Power of Social Media Video Content

Video marketing is an indispensable engagement strategy that can skyrocket your social media marketing results. There’s a lot of science to back up why video is such an effective tool for online persuasion, but there’s no question – social media users love video.

Video research from Google and YouTube during the pandemic in 2020 gives a glimpse into why users want and need social media video content today.

Based on more than 4,000 people’ insights, the top two drivers of increased video usage across all streaming services are learning new skills (33 percent) and consuming fresh and unique content (31 percent).

As the world continues to change, it’s critical to align your social media video production to what your audience wants to see. When done right, customer-centric social media marketing services deliver profitable results.

Benefits of social media videos for business:

1. Captures Attention

In 2021, people watch an average of 2.5 hours of online video every day and 18 hours per week. Your potential customers are already immersed in Facebook video marketing, YouTube video marketing, Instagram video marketing and other social platforms. Your job is to make sure your social media video marketing stands out.

2. High Engagement

A social media viral video has elements that make it highly shareable – and it’s usually entertainment. Video is shared 1,200 percent more than both links and text combined (Simply Measured). A single social media viral video can skyrocket your engagements and brand recognition.

3. Drives Conversions

The goal of video marketing and social media marketing services is always to generate sales. And social media marketing video content gets results. Eighty-four percent of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

b. How To Include Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Let’s say you decide to incorporate the same videos into your YouTube video marketing, Facebook video marketing and Instagram video marketing strategies. You can’t expect the video to have the same results on different platforms. For example, “about us” videos and corporate presentations could work better for your website and a professional networking platform like LinkedIn.

Effective social media videos for business are often lighthearted and focus on visually appealing elements. Choose from the many types of social media marketing video content out there and focus on what works for your specific audience.

Types of social media video that perform well online:

1. Explainer Video

An explainer video is a social media marketing tool that highlights your value proposition, often using animation. It helps make your product demos more memorable and presents your service benefits in a digestible way.

2. Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle video content appeals to your social media audience by showcasing your products and services in daily life. Examples include releasing workout videos to promote a fitness brand or make-up tutorials to promote a cosmetics brand.

3. Promotional Video

Promotional videos include any content designed to advertise or draw a lot of attention to your products and services. The best promotional videos are teasers to build hype around a product launch or a video announcement for a new service offering.

To get the results you need, your video marketing services should deliver the right message to your potential customers. Effective social media marketing has everything to do with having a killer concept and using the social media channels that make the most sense.

YouTube video marketing is a no-brainer – it’s the go-to video platform for many viewers and YouTube video marketing services offer the best return on investment (ROI) for video content. You can’t go wrong with tried-and-tested video strategies that leverage Facebook video marketing, Instagram video marketing and the rising star of social media marketing services, TikTok.

c. Eight Expert Tips on the Right Social Video Marketing Approach

Studies show that the average viewer remembers 95 percent of a message when watched and only 10 percent when read. It’s no surprise that 78 percent of video marketers say video has directly helped increase their sales.

Reap the benefits of social media and video marketing services with these expert tips:

TIP #1: Lifestyle Content Is King

Marketers love to say, “Send a message and not a sales pitch” – and this is what online video marketing services are all about. Lifestyle content is behind the success of Instagram. Instagram videos take brand experiences to the next level and sell without trying too hard. Draw your audience in by taking them on a visual journey.

TIP #2: Create Short-Form Videos

The trend of online video marketing services is undoubtedly “bite-sized” and snappy video content. In a survey, 69 percent of respondents said they’d prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service. When you keep your videos short, more of your target audience watches and shares them, keeping them circulating longer.

TIP #3: Consider Personalized Video

A YouTube survey reveals global viewers turn to videos to “seek out what really matters to them on a personal level” – and in this case, one or two great videos or generic YouTube video marketing services won’t cut it.

Creating personalized video experiences is about tailoring what your audience sees depending on their interests and where they are in your sales funnel. Segmenting your audiences and targeting niche audiences and customer segments is a step above online video marketing services – and a social media marketing agency like TopNet can best help with this.

TIP #4: Venture Into Shoppable Video

Interactive video is said to be the next big trend and especially relevant to the eCommerce industry. The future of video marketing services for eCommerce is the ability to click on video elements to buy it.

TIP #5: Optimize for Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies exist to increase your online visibility. YouTube video marketing services include optimizing your video title, description and video tags with keywords that match your target audience’s searches.

Any leading video marketing agency would tell you optimizing for mobile is critical. The popularity of TikTok and Instagram videos has led to vertical formats being the most popular for social media video marketing.

TIP #6: Include Client Testimonial Videos

Social proof will always be necessary to win customers. Videos that feature client testimonials and business reviews are great for your online reputation and sales. Hiring a video marketing agency or making use of professional video production services builds trust in your content and increases your credibility.

TIP #7: Build Your Brand

A Google report emphasized the importance of brand building to drive long-term success and referred to video as a powerful medium “capable of reaching a wide audience while also focusing on specific products and ROI-targeted conversions.” In other words, video is a brand management tool that drives conversions and a vehicle for growth.

TIP #8: Have Fun With It

Fifty-four percent of consumers want to see videos from brands more than other content types and they appreciate authenticity. A social media viral video is often candid and shows how audiences are drawn to raw and natural content. Experiment with live streaming or unscripted Instagram videos, and don’t take things too seriously!

Viewers appreciate a video’s ability to dig into their interests twice as much as production quality or the platform it’s on. A social video marketing company can help you center your video strategy on giving your potential customers the content they want to see.

d. Crafting a Social Media Marketing Video Strategy

Sixty percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool – and for a good reason. About 74 percent of marketers say video has a better ROI than static imagery. Stellar video content is user-centric and conversion-driven, but it also requires an investment in time and resources to get it right.

An experienced social video marketing company can help you:

1. Plan Your Strategy

The first step in reaping the benefits of video production services is aligning on clear goals. A video marketing agency anchors your strategy to the results you want to see.

2. Choose the Right Channels

A social media marketing agency evaluates your social media insights to find the most effective channels for your video strategy. Social media advertising data also helps determine the video formats beneficial to your strategy.

3. Schedule Posts

A vital role of a social media management team is to plan and schedule your video posts, ensuring a consistent and active online presence. Social media experts analyze your metrics and determine the best times to post and improve your results.

Contact us today to begin generating revenue and growing your customer base with a customized social media marketing strategy.

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