Accelerating The Digital Economy with MyDIGITAL

Accelerating The Digital Economy with MyDIGITAL

The Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint framework comprises six thrusts that supports the objectives and overall vision of the Blueprint. Each thrust guides the strategic direction of the Blueprint to address specific issues and cases for change. The following are the six thrusts:

Drive digital transformation in the public sector

Thrust 1 aims to accelerate the transformation of the public sector into a digital government. This will be achieved by leveraging digital technologies, data and digital intelligence, enhancing the digital skill sets of civil servants and increasing the quality of online services.

Boost economic competitiveness through digitalisation

Thrust 2 aims to accelerate digital adoption, empower digital stewardship as well as shape new value pools and emerging business models. As the economy transforms and digital ecosystems integrate, businesses that embrace technology and build on the digital economy will generate value and thrive. 

Build enabling digital infrastructure

Thrust 3 aims to provide access to extensive and high quality digital infrastructure, which will enable people to participate in the digital economy. The government and businesses will be able to operate with ease and innovate continuously through a conducive digital environment provided by seamless and extensive digital connectivity.

Build agile and competent digital talent

Thrust 4 aims to ensure that digitalisation is successfully embedded and adopted within talent development, at various levels of education and also in the upskilling and reskilling of the existing workforce. Current and future workforces will be well-equipped with digital skills to thrive in the evolving digital economy. Gig workers will be given opportunities to upskill, reskill and provided with adequate support in the effort to have fit-for-purpose talent.

Create an inclusive digital society

Thrust 5 aims to narrow the digital divide in ensuring every individual participates and reaps the benefits of the digital economy. One of the key outcomes of the Blueprint is to achieve an inclusive digital society, with no one left behind in line with the WKB 2030. Ethical behaviour in using digital technology will be given priority in the effort to create a digitally responsible society.

Build trusted, secure and ethical digital environment

Thrust 6 aims to create a digital environment that is trusted, secure and ethical. This will enable businesses and society to fully reap the benefits of digital services without compromising safety, data security, privacy, reliability and ethical standards. The environment requires the development of a holistic ecosystem, such as a regulatory framework and cyber security capabilities to prevent threats or breaches that can disrupt the full function of the digital economy.

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Credit: Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department, 2021


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