5-Must Have Features for Mobile App Development in 2020

5-Must Have Features for Mobile App Development in 2020

We have seen and use different mobile apps since its evolution, right in the mid-90s. Some mobile apps are extremely useful, intuitive, and fun to use while some are frustrating, boring and very useless. Considering the engagement of users, Quantumsoftech which is one of the best mobile app development companies in India which is working dedicatedly to give advanced features within the mobile app to the users.

So, in this blog article, we are going to discuss some of the features that should be integrated into an app by mobile app developers to make it extremely useful for the users.

#1 An Advanced Search Bar in the Mobile Application

Build an app with a handy search bar within the app which will help users to find content easily and more smoothly. A plethora of content can be very troublesome for the users because if it isn’t made accessible to the users easily. Chartbuster apps have an advance search option in the app where a user can search-related keyword and can access the content. Search bars with the mobile app make an app more convenient while their usage becomes more flawless.

#2 Responsive Mobile App Designs for Variety of Screen Sizes

During mobile app development, it is necessary to go with the mobile app design that is supported by devices of different screen sizes. Before developing a mobile app, most of the mobile app development companies now consider the range of screen sizes that their app can go with. It is the responsibility of a mobile app designer to deliver a responsive design for the app which should be eye-catching and most importantly should be engaging.

#3 Social Media Sharing Feature

We all know, social media have marked its impression as a medium of growing your business. These platforms are not only for sharing photos and videos, but there are also many more things that you can do. Social sharing helps users to spread the word of a brand throughout their circle.

#4 Allow Users to Use Your App Offline

Allowing users to work on the app without being connected to the Internet or say they being offline can be a masterstroke feature. This feature has to balance because there is a lot of data and security issues. It is so because no one wants to access their sensitive data being online in an open network which is pretty much vulnerable and is in threat of hacking. What and how much data and functionality is stored on the device depends on your specific mobile app requirements.

#5 Allow Compelling User Feedback

We all know sometimes the user just needs to express something. As a business owner, you need feedback from your customers to enhance services as per their needs. For this, you need to ask your mobile app development service provider to integrate instant feedback feature in your business app. This ultimately helps in eliminating a lot of calls to the tech support department in your business.

Concluding, we can say apps that are intuitive, user-friendly and have the user engaging design are successful. Feature-pack apps tend to engage users within the app. If you are reading this and require a mobile app for your business you can talk to us. Being a mobile app development company, Quantumsoftech is dedicated to delivering the best mobile app development service to clients within the country and abroad.

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